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Welcome to "Post Script."

Here you'll find theater reviews, tidbits on upcoming shows, and hopefully at least a little enjoyment. I started this blog because after three great years as a writer and editor at Greenspring Media working on Minnesota Monthly, Midwest Home, and more, one of the best parts of my job was covering the Twin Cities theater and arts scene. When I see something fantastic, I love letting those emotions linger and steep until I figure out why it affected me the way it did, and I love talking to artists about their craft. Their inspiration inspires me, you know?

Now I cover infectious disease research and public health at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (totally cool subjects, very different beast), but when I'm not doing that, there's a good chance I'm scribbling on my drawing tablet, figure skating, or looking for dessert. While I try to stay in the loop, if you think I should know about a certain show or artist, don't hesitate to reach out!

—Lianna Matt McLernon (she/her)

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